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Hypnosis is a powerful therapy for helping you change negative behaviors like; smoking, drinking, drugs or over eating. It is also a fantastic tool for helping you change the way you think; you may be feeling stressed or anxious, experiencing negative thoughts or have irrational fears.  

Why not get in touch for a free consultation you will be amazed how changing your mind can change your life.

“Hello I’m Michael Hainey”

“When you book with me we work to help you find the solutions you are looking for. I use a content free style which let’s me deal with the person sat in front of me, I help people change the way they behave or how they feel, check out the videos to see how I work

Michael Hainey

Weight Loss

Imagine being able to resist cravings and only eating when you are hungry. 


Stress plays a major role in our lives, helping us achieve things on a day to day basis.


Feelings of anxiety can manifest from a variety of sources.

Stress and Anxiety Management Course

This course has been designed for companies and groups. 15.4 Million work days were lost last year in the UK due to Stress, Anxiety and Depression. 

As an ex Senior Manager in the Banking industry I am well placed to understand the stress and anxiety that employees suffer due to work place demands. Since leaving that environment I have studied so many techniques and practices that can help managers and employees mange their own Mental Wellbeing. This course provides practical strategies derived from management experience and therapeutic training that will save your business cost and create happier more productive employees and teams.  

Course Objectives:   

Identify stress and anxiety symptoms and their causes. 

Develop personal strategies for dealing with and controlling stress and anxiety. 

Accept stress as a fact of life and understand that stress does not need to be an enemy.

Learn the effects of stress and anxiety on the body.  

Understand the effects of stress and anxiety on the mind. 

Gain greater awareness of own Mental Wellbeing. 
Understand the relationship between deep relaxation and stress. 

Develop the ability to self induce deep relaxation/self hypnosis. 

The course is designed for between 8 and 12 people and a certification process is included if required.  

What Our Customers Say

My daughter had a food phobia. She attended a few hypnotherapy sessions and her eating habits improved week on week. She is now doing fantastic thanks to Michael Hainey. I can’t thank him enough. He is also very patient and understanding. I wouldn’t hesitate on recommending Michael in the future. 

5 stars

Julie Batchelor

Can’t recommend Michael highly enough. From day one he made me feel at ease. He has helped me so much over our sessions. To anyone reading this and you’re unsure about hypnotherapy do not hesitate to contact Michael, it’ll be worth it.

5 stars

Sharon Mcilroy

Totally amazing.
Would highly recommend Michael.
He helped me with life coaching and his hypnotherapy is fantastic

5 stars

Lexy Scott

After 9yrs of my son having bowel problems & soiling, endless hospital visits, medicines etc …. the ONLY thing that has made improvement was hypnotherapy with Mike. What an impact that makes on our daily lives. Thank you!!

5 stars

Gillian McInnes

The best experience I have ever had. Over 30 years of nail biting finished. Thanx to Michael I will finally be able to put some beautiful nail varnish.
Would recommend it everybody who need some positive changes in their lives:)

5 stars

Gabby Konieczna 

I purchased Michael’s Hypnosis Relaxation Audio and absolutely love it. I slept soundly the very first night and my sleep continues to be restful every night. Thank you so much.

5 stars 

Debbie Freedman 

Very relaxing and has helped me overcome so much. Can’t recommend Michael highly enough.

5 stars

Pauline McCormack 

What a difference this has not only made to Sophie but me as a parent dealing with an anxious child, honestly can’t thank you enough and look forward to working with you more.

5 stars 

Kimberely Kennedy Guffe

Thank you so much! I am a bit late in posting and I promised you I would if it worked. Brilliant brilliant brilliant. Only got my computer fixed a while ago so started using it recently all I can say is thank you so much for your help and getting in touch massive help my friend!!! Can’t recommend this enough. Thank you xx

5 stars

– Elizabeth Crutchley

Having personal experience of the magic that can be performed, both from my own and my son’s perspective, I can’t recommend Michael enough! I was at my wits end with my son’s issue, having exhausted endless doctor & hospital appointments. After one session with my son it was like someone flicking a light switch, the change was so quick and positive! If anyone wishes more detail on both issues treated Michael will inform you further.

5 stars 

– Alison McKay


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