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Hypnotherapy and Coaching


Michael Hainey Hypnotherapist

As a Hypnotherapist my job is to help people become the very best version of themselves. Through Hypnotherapy and Coaching I enjoy helping people change. Whether it is stopping something or starting a new way of thinking or behaving we can work out the solution and achieve fantastic results.



Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis are the quickest and most effective method to resolve many issues in your life, faster than counselling or cognitive behaviour therapy. If you want to change a negative behavior like; Smoking, Drinking, Drugs or Eating too much. Or you have a desire to change the way you think; Negative, Stressed or Anxious, Fear holding you back. Why not get in touch for a free consultation you will be amazed how changing your mind can change your life.



Size Reduction 

Imagine being able to resist cravings and only eating when you are hungry. Then when your stomach is full you stop eating. This can be achieved with Mind Healths Weight Loss therapy. 

Resetting your mind to eat the way you were intended, only when you are hungry and at no other time. You will lose all desire for snacks and eat the right foods at the right time. 

This program ends dieting forever, helping you become your desired size and shape and because this changes your mind you don't go back. 

Working together over 14 weeks with a reduction of 2lbs per week would see an overall loss of 2 Stone. 

6 sessions each session £50, it is the best investment in yourself you will ever make.

*includes hypnotic gastric band if applicable. 


Free Yourself

Becoming addicted to a substance or behavior can be extremely painful. The addiction will eventually take over your life. Addiction leaves us needing more and more of something to have the same effect. This therapy combines Hypnotherapy with the Psychotherapy to end the addiction and help you rebuild your life.

We work to help you understand why you need the substance or behavior, this helps free you from the trap and allows you to live a life free from the addiction.

This therapy is highly effective with all drugs and addictive behavior patterns, the one thing this therapy requires is a desire to change things for yourself. 

If you would like more information or book a free consultation get in touch. 


Mental Wellbeing

Last year in the UK 74% of adults felt so stressed at some points they felt unable to cope. This course of Hypnotherapy works first on a mental detox clearing the emotional attachment to anything that is holding you back. It then teaches you what stress, anxiety and depression really is and how to manage it. Giving you great coping mechanisms for the future. Through Hypnotherapy we alleviate your symptoms. Through coaching and Hypnotherapy we begin to move you form your current state to one that helps you see things clearly and engage in your life once again. This therapy helps change your thinking forever, for more information or to book a free consultation get in touch.


What else we do 


Here For You

1 in 4 children are now suffering with Stress, Anxiety. This therapy clears the stress and anxiety as well as building confidence and self esteem which is the root cause of so many issues. I teach children the valuable lesson that the schools don't. How your brain actually works and how to use it to your advantage. This is so valuable for children to learn and it will stay with them into adult life. 


Improve your performance

Tiger Woods, Jonny Wilkinson, Serina Williams are just some of the sports stars who have used Hypnotherapy to help them get to the very top of of their sports. If the brain can believe it, it can achieve. Everything starts with belief, these Hypnotherapy sessions can help children and adults improve performance regardless of the sport or level.Get in touch for more information. Skype sessions available. 

Contact me today to set up your Free personal consultation.


Stress and Anxiety Management Course

This course has been designed for companies and groups. 15.4 Million work days were lost last year in the UK due to Stress, Anxiety and Depression. 

As an ex Senior Manager in the Banking industry I am well placed to understand the stress and anxiety that employees suffer due to work place demands. Since leaving that environment I have studied so many techniques and practices that can help managers and employees mange their own Mental Wellbeing. This course provides practical strategies derived from management experience and therapeutic training that will save your business cost and create happier more productive employees and teams.  

Course Objectives:   

Identify stress and anxiety symptoms and their causes. 

Develop personal strategies for dealing with and controlling stress and anxiety. 

Accept stress as a fact of life and understand that stress does not need to be an enemy.

Learn the effects of stress and anxiety on the body.  

Understand the effects of stress and anxiety on the mind. 

Gain greater awareness of own Mental Wellbeing. 
Understand the relationship between deep relaxation and stress. 

Develop the ability to self induce deep relaxation/self hypnosis. 

The course is designed for between 8 and 12 people and a certification process is included if required.  



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2 Knock Jargon Court Saltcoats United Kingdom KA21 6HG